Brits/DW Revenue Management Business Intelligence Solution

Current state-of-the-art revenue management systems are huge consumers and producers of data. Unfortunately, most of the data is not in a format that easily allows revenue managers and executives to fully understand and run their business. Business intelligence tools to help airlines manage and guide the sophisticated forecasting and optimization engines along with performance measurements to measure success have been sorely lacking.

The purpose of the Brits/DW Airline solution developed by DAXPY is to solve this problem by providing airline staff from executives down to the revenue management analysts the business intelligence tools needed to fully understand and run their business. When installed, Brits will provide easy-to-use analysis tools, alerts and reports that are needed to improve forecast accuracy, monitor performance, recognize when and where action is needed and provide the revenue management reports which will help your airline improve revenue performance and profitability. The reports and alerts in Brits have been carefully designed to facilitate best practice revenue management workflow, and they include booking, forecast, and ticketing information.

In order to make the massive amount of available data useful, Brits uses database software developed by Greenplum. By leveraging open source reporting software and incorporating the Greenplum shared-nothing architecture that employs parallel processing on commodity hardware, Brits delivers unprecedented price/performance capability. Thus, the design and architecture of the DAXPY Brits solution will allow your airline to have access to a high value, high performance and scalable business intelligence solution that will grow with your airline’s business, while providing a low total cost of ownership.

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