The people

Kirk A. Abbott PhD is CEO and founder of DAXPY. Kirk holds a PhD in chemical engineering and operations research from Carnegie Mellon University. He has been working in the area of advanced analytics for the last 18 years. He has applied simulation, forecasting and optimization techniques to alumina plant operations, chemical reactor design, healthcare managed care contract pricing and rigorous hospital strategic pricing. As science manager, product manager and later product marketing manager before forming DAXPY, he was the principal architect of the critically acclaimed contract optimization system which was nominated for the 2002 Franz Edelman award for excellence in operations research. He is the author of multiple modeling languages which are necessary to facilitate rapid development of advanced analytic solutions. Kirk has generated millions of dollars of revenue for his clients and his previous employers through the use of advanced analytics. He is responsible for the vision and marketing of DAXPY.

Jin Liu, PhD is Chief Scientist, and a founder of DAXPY. Jin holds a PhD in Hydrodynamics. She has worked at NASA and Shell and is a seasoned software developer specializing in converting abstract mathematical algorithms into real software products. At NASA she implemented the trajectory software to support the space shuttle entry and landing. At Shell she implemented software to analyze seismic data through wavelets. Over the last four (4) years Jin has been the science manager for multiple advanced pricing software solutions. She has experience with data-mining, forecasting and optimization in the airline and healthcare spaces and has excellent database skills. Jin is in charge of science development at DAXPY.


Products & Services

  • Strategic Pricing
  • Pricing Performance Evaluation
  • Chargemaster Consulting
  • Contract modeling and optimization
  • Airline
  • Brits / DW
  • Revenue Management Consulting
  • Alumina Plants