Our Philosophy

At DAXPY, our mission is to combine your knowledge and experience with ours to craft a high quality solution that improves the bottom line of your business. The solution benefit can be through either side of the equation, revenue improvement or cost reduction. Clearly, helping to improve the efficiency of your business (cost or revenue benefit) is also fair game.

We want to provide what you need and not to sell you what we already have. Integrity is king. We may already have the right solution for you, but if not, rather than try to make a solution fit, we will either customize or build anew to give you the best solution possible.

Advanced analytics is our core competency and our passion. We wake up every morning thinking about optimization and apply optimization to everything that we do. By having deep understanding of the complex we are able to balance solution complexity versus solution value.

Only through providing success to our customers can we achieve our success.


Products & Services

  • Strategic Pricing
  • Pricing Performance Evaluation
  • Chargemaster Consulting
  • Contract modeling and optimization
  • Airline
  • Brits / DW
  • Revenue Management Consulting
  • Alumina Plants